Building & Sales of high performance fishing boats and cruisers Urata shipyard Co.,ltd.

350 years of experience on building boats

Urata Shipyard Company was founded 350 years ago. Currently operated by our CEO, Fumiaki Urata, the fourteenth Urata Family generation, who are still building boats. We started as a small wooden boat builder to become one of the ship building companies to manufacture FRP boats,cruisers over 60 feet.
The needs and the function of the boats have changed in Japan over the years, however, boatbuilding has always been a significant industry in Japan where the country is surrounded by the ocean. Our mission remains to develop and thrive in the boat building industry.

Our products include FRP high speed boats, a variety of fishing boats, pleasure boats and cruisers as well as the designing, manufacturing, maintenance and sales of these boats. All of our products and services have been utilized in various ways to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Urata Shipyard Company remains committed to provide the highest quality and unique products to satisfy our clients’ demands.

We promise to meet our clients’ specialized needs, such as high-speed boats with high energy efficiency, value-added, customized with clients’ perspectives in mind.

December 1.2012.
Fumiake Urata
CEO, Urata Shipyard Co., ltd 浦田 文明
Urata Shipyard Co., ltd
Fumiake Urata
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